The Best Travel Apps

There are billions of apps and websites which are made for people like us, the wanderlust kids. But which one now has the best accommodations, which one has the best maps of cities where you actually have a proper navigation and which app shows you the cheapest flights? Questions over questions…to which answers surprisingly exist!

The applications I am listing here can not be claimed as THE best ones on the market, yet they are very good and I have only made good experiences. I also double checked with other travelers and asked them what kind of apps and sites they use and we all use pretty similar or even the same ones. Obviously, I did not include AirBnB or Uber etc. Here they are:

  • Flights
    • Kiwi –  The app does not only give you the cheapest flights there are, but also let’s you see which days are cheaper/ more expensive. There is a calendar on which you have to select the date of your outbound (and maybe inbound) flight and it then also shows you alternative dates with other prices.; Free, iOS and Android  
    • App in the Air  –  It is a flight tracking app that covers every airline and airport. It will keep you updated about flight status – off- and online – and helps you manage your time at the airport, breaking down each flight into four stages; check in, boarding, takeoff and landing time.; Free, iOS and Android
  • Maps
    • Maps.Me  –  I stumbled upon this app and wish I would have found it sooner! It is the best one. This world map let’s you download maps of specific regions or cities so that you do not have every single city map of the world downloaded, but only choses ones. It has an accurate navigation integrated and let’s you mark specific places. It even has different sections to search for such as entertainment, lodging, food etc. And the best thing about it: it works offline. maps.meFree, iOS and Android
    • Citymapper  –  This is an application for public transport. Comprehensive and easy to use, Citymapper gives you a detailed journey planner information, including real-time departures and disruption alerts. It covers about 30 cities worldwide – the most popular ones obviously included.; Free, iOS and Android
  • Splitting Expenses
    • Splittr  –  It is an app which helps you split bills. The special thing about this one is that it is geared up for travelling, providing a simple platform to share costs between friends. You can always enter expenses, including who paid what. The app will do the rest. For those who are traveling longer and to many destination, the app supports all currencies and you can mix them s without having to convert yourself.; Free, iOS and Android
  • Currencies
    • XE Currency  –  It is the best among the currency converter apps. Constantly being updated and offering live exchange rates for every single currency there is in the world, this app can come in more than handy. Plus you can store the most recent rates to even access them offline. Great for when you are in China fighting over the bill and you need to prove the man that he is ripping you off but you do not have any Wi-Fi…. 🙂; Free, iOS and Android
  • Packing
    • PackPoint  –  As the name already says, it simply helps you pack. You have to do two things: tell PackPoint where you are going and when, and it will then check the weather forecast and much more to then compile a list of what you need. It may include clothes for a business dinner or for a day at the beach, depending on what activities you select on the ap, and just general things you should always have with you while traveling Goodbye ‘Did I remember everything?’-thoughts at the check-in!;Free, iOS and Android 
  •  Guides
    • Guides by Lonely Planet  –  Lonely Planet has definitely made its name with in-depth travel guides. Neat, you can now download their app onto your phone. Just select your destination and the topics you want information on, Lonely Planet covers more than 100 cities.  Maps and information are all then stored offline. HUGE bonus: There are even phrase books included with the basics of a language; Free, iOS and Android
  • Digital Journal
    • LiveTrekker  –  It creates a digital journal of your travels on an interactive map. The app basically tracks your routes and even monitors your speed and altitude, which is amazing for adventurous travelers. It is also fun to look back at your journey in the plane on the way back. You can even share it afterwards.; Free, iOS and Android

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