Courage Is The Key


I hear and read a lot of people saying that they wish they had the ‘guts’ to do something. To overcome their fears and finally start traveling, dare adventures, change their habits, turn their lives around.

I always get a little sad then. I was never a fearful person. As a little girl, I already stood up for myself. I did exactly what my heart was telling me to do – now it is traveling. I always tried to do what I thought was best for me – well, my parents did not exactly allow me to skip school and move to Sydney at the age of 14 😉  I always went up to people being open-minded and immediately started establishing contact. I was not frightened.

But it is not the fear that holds you back from taking action. It is the way you think about fear. It is the way you think about yourself. It paralyses you. I get it, your mind comes up with all different scenarios: But what if I have problems finding a place to stay, what if I cannot find any friends, what if I happen to not like it there, but what if, what if, what if…?

Hey! WHAT IF it turns out to be a once in a lifetime adventure? What if you find the best people on the way? What if you end up in a traveler’s hostel with plenty of adventurous people, all singing by the bonfire telling stories? What if you might get inspired on the way, because frankly, that is what traveling does. What if it is just the best thing you could have done?

It did take a little time for me to get where I wanted. It did take a little time to be free. It did take a little time to be me. But I am exactly where I should be at the moment, regarding my state of mind. And do you know why so? Because I was brave, because I gathered all my strength (and fears) to just take off. Because I boarded that plane.

Think about it from a different perspective: A little bit of courage has such an impact: How many wonderful strangers sharing a look on the subway would now be lovers? How many breathtaking places could we dream of at night if we had just booked that flight? And oh, how many achievements could we be proud of if we only had the bravery to transform our dreams into plans?

You have been drawing your dreams, your ideas. Shown them to family and friends, getting the answer ‘Wow, that sounds cool. You should do that!’. Then let me ask you a question: Why did you not? Why are you still laying in your bed with a heavy heart full of wanderlust? Do it, surprise them, surprise yourself with your courageous act of seizing the day! To those reading this while waiting in the airport for the plane to – let’s say Venezuela – and those  sitting in a train in Japan, keep being brave and open and living life.

As a very important ending to being brave: You see that picture at the beginning of this post? It was taken in Simons Town near Cape Town, South Africa. You see all these flags people drew there? From Brazil to Switzerland to Zimbabwe, all of these people had the courage to just go. To board the plane, to go on an adventure, to face whatever struggles might come up, to live! 🗺 I must admit that this picture has a personal meaning to me. It shows that there is a diversity, a multiculturalism, a love which cannot be destroyed. There is a diversity out there in the world which only arose because of people who were brave. Be one of them. Be courageous.

Courage is the key. To everything.


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