🇮🇪The Country of Good Old Luck II

Part I, experiences made in Ireland, is already online 🙂

(Note: I was in Ireland at the ages of 8 and 9, so I sadly do not have any photos.)


Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Often seen as the ‘gateway to Ireland’ – also because of its location by the sea – it has a lot to offer. From historic places such as the Dublin Castle (it was actually the centre of British power once) to (stereo)typical Irish pubs and shops, e.g. the Guinness Storehouse, you can do a lot of things here. It is also nice just hanging at the St. Stephens Greens, a large park with a lake, enjoying your unforgettable time in the country and having interesting conversations wit locals. Also, many tours are organised from Dublin.

Cliffs of Moher

Oh my, these cliffs. They take one’s breathe away. With their height of up to 203 metres, they rise vertically out of the ocean. The Cliffs of Moher somehow seem to cut the Atlantic and bring the ocean calmness with their untiring strength. Am I getting too philosophical? Sorry – Anyways, you get my point: you. must. visit. the. cliffs.

Cliffs of Moher at sunset (Source: skr.de)


…. She played the fiddle in an Irish band, but she fell in love with an English man … Ed Sheeran has probably brought even more fame to the city in the west of Ireland. But what few people know is that Galway is very famous for its festivals. Travel to the Irish city in summer (June – September) and experience the diversity of international festivals. The Eyre Square is basically the centre of the city and not far from the many delicious restaurants and great museums. In addition, there is the Latin Quarter, which males Galway the vivid city it is.


Colourful Kinsale (Source: kinsale.ie)

Kinsale is a fun town. With its bright colours and more than friendly locals you will leave Kinsale with nothing but pure happiness. Two nights there should be enough to explore every corner of the small and cute city. It has a bay and some pubs to taste the original Irish Guinness 😉


  1. Kilkenny Castle

Jup, one stop must be Kilkenny Castle. Located in the city of Kilkenny lays the castle which already exists since eight centuries. It is rich in architecture because in the course of time it was restored a few times and several architectural styles were added to the castle. That makes it even more interesting. You usually spend about one to one and a half hours there and it costs only 8€/adult.

Kilkenny Castle (Source: grantours.ie)

2. Rock of Cashel

Needless to explain why this fortress is claimed to be the “most spectacular archaeological site in Ireland”, it is definitely worth a visit. It includes the ruins of a castle, a cathedral , a round tower and much more. Existing since 400 A.D., it is a wonderful castle to visit. The admission fee is also 8€/adult.

The list of castles to visit could go on and on and on forever, Ireland has just so much to offer! My tip: take off and explore yourself. Let me know which castle you visited/ found the most impressive. Maybe they’ll even make it to this list 😉

( Belfast )

Well, Belfast is in Northern Ireland. Technically, it does not belong to the Republic of Ireland, about which I am actually writing. Of course it is just as worth of a trip as anything else on this world. Belfast has excellent food and it is known for the typical local Irish dishes. And while visiting the murals of the Shankill area you can also learn about the ups and downs of Irish policy.

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