🇦🇺 The Land Down Under II

Head to Part I to get a general impression of the beautiful country of Australia and read here what to do there 🙂

To me, Australia truly is the country where the opportunities are endless. I could write pages upon pages on what to see in Oz, in Sydney etc., so let us just stick to activities in Australia and where to carry these out and focus on the beautiful cities and towns in another itinerary or travel map. 🙂


I learned surfing in Australia. With its stunning coastlines, currents and high waves, Australia is the perfect place to go surfing. Surfers Paradise is famous for what? You guessed it, surfing. Bondi Beach in Sydney is also very popular among surfers. Yet, those are places which have a lot of tourism, are overcrowded etc. Locals pinned their favourite surf spots on the 60,000km of coastline down to a few: Central Coast, NSW – Exmouth, WA – Yamba, NSW – Bicheno, TAS – Victor Harbor, SA – Kalbarri, WA (for pros!) – Sunshine Coast  GLD – Gold Coast, QLD. All of these cities have beaches with surf schools and the waves are ideal for beginners, advanced and experts. It is also a very nice memory to have a drink in one of the many relaxed bars while watching surfers come to live and the golden sun slowly set. In those moments, you will understand what ‘Hang Loose’ is all about. 🤙

Passion, passion, passion. (Source: surfertoday.com)

Diving/ Snorkelling

Did you know that you can see the Great Barrier Reef from outer space? It is world’s largest coral reef system and stretches over an area of approximately 344,400 km² (That’s 172,200 times the size of the country Monaco! 🙂 ) In addition, it is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms, which is pretty amazing. Due to that, it attracts many people with a passsion for snorkeling and diving who want to see the diversity of the underwater world and experience this world wonder. Prices for a day of snorkeling  range from 160 AUD to 280 AUD (compared 9 snorkeling providers). Other spots are Port Douglas, QLD – Coral Bay, WA – Magnetic Island, QLD …


Australia is not only made of the ocean, cities by the sea and surfer boys, but also of highlands, mountains and plenty of green. The Australian states all have mountains and great possibilities for hiking, such as Mt Warning, NSW – Mt Kosciuszko, NSW (Australia’s highest mountain!) – Mt Feathertop, VIC – Mt Mgungun, QLD and many more. Furthermore, the ‘Blue Mountains’ in NSW – about an hour and a half west of Sydney – are a very popular destination. You can find the endless beauty of nature and hidden waterfalls there. Yet, there is a difference between the tourist area with signposted ways – which is for normal people like you and me – and the actual hiking ways of the Blue Mountains. Only professionals should go there due to the long exhausting hikes, eventually hot temperatures and the duration of 2 to 8 days.

Blue Mountains National Park, NSW


Feeding animals

I have the tradition of visiting zoos or similar in every country I travel to. I have gotten to see and feed elephants in Sri Lanka, giraffes and koalas in Australia, lions and tigers in California as well as whales and dolphins, even penguins in South Africa. And since Oz has a diversity of animals and even some which only exist in Australia, it is a great opportunity to be with kangaroos, koalas etc. Zoos exist in every city, e.g. ‘Taronga Zoo’, Sydney or ‘Adelaide Zoo’. You can also find animal and wildlife habitats often where you have the possibility to be very close to the animals and interact with them, as for example ‘Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas’.

Making new friends at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Island hopping

Australia has many islands off its coast, especially starting in north-east, following the coast down south. The special thing about these islands is that the sand is often white and not too many tourists visit these places because they would rather stay on main land and see Uluru, Great Barrier Reef and Syd. So your perfect trip to paradise includes following islands: Fitzroy Island – Magnetic Island – Great Keppel Island – Fraser Island (largest sand island in the world) – Moreton Island – Lord Howe Island –  Bruny Island (southwest point on land before hitting Antartica!). At the most beautiful of all: Whitsunday Islands. Promise to go there for me? Pleeease? Visiting Whitsundays is my dream, sadly I coul not make it… for now.


What a lot of people forget is that Australia is not just the big country next to New Zealand, but that part of the country is also a bit more south, called Tasmania. It is well known for its untouched nature, as many parts of the country are national parks. And, what nobody expects: it has an amazing food and wine industry! Local Aussies love the Tasmanian wine. The island state also plays an important role in Australia’s history with Hobart being the country’s second-oldest city. It is a perfect week-end getaway and might remind one of V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Hobart, Tasmania (Source: australia.com)

Enjoy roaming Australia!

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