Traveling – With A Relationship?

It is natural. Every person falls in love with someone else at some time. Maybe just a little, maybe head over heels. But the feeling of love develops and there you are, feeling your heart jump a little when you see this one person.

But you are a solo traveler as well. Ready to go out and see the world, experience different cultures and spend nights under the stars in foreign places. It does not matter whether your next travel is just around the corner or still a few months away, you are in love with a man/ woman and you are going to go away. Maybe not for a long time, but the moment will come where you are about to leave for an incalculable amount of time.

I understand that you are caught between two stools and that you are asking yourself following questions:

“Does it work? Traveling (solo) with your heart belonging to someone else? Or is a relationship doomed before it even started?”

To be honest, both are the case.

You can travel to places all around the world while having a partner at “home”, yet you will always feel something holding you back from doing things. You probably will not be able to get to know as many people as you would like to or join other people’s plan – because of his/ her jealousy. You will not just spontaneously book another trip somewhere else and travel longer than originally intended because there is someone at home waiting for you. You will think every now and then of your boy-/ girlfriend and miss them, noticing too late that you are not enjoying your travel as much as you should. You get into fights because you are not by their side and available for them when major changes occur in their lives. You do not notice what is happening in the place you live because the whole point of you traveling is to get away from a place and the gossip and become someone else, live another life for a while. No matter how big the love is, distance is created. Locally as well as interpersonally.

Yet, if the traveler of the relationship is standing at the airport with no big encouragement from the other one or knowing that this might eventually put their relationship to the touch, then it is hard. I do not want to say it is then doomed, that is not true. But it is damn hard, finding a way to live your life to the fullest on travels without thinking too much what is happening at home, if there might be someone else by his/ her side to fill the gap you left behind and if it is really okay to talk to the man/ woman in the club. If you e.g. know that you will soon move away or finish school, university etc., then it is even harder. Because you know what the future holds for you, yet only for you as an individual.

I guess you cannot generalize if a relationship where one travels can work out or not. It always depends on the mindset of people and how liberal they are in your making of decisions elsewhere, as well as how you can work out FaceTime appointments etc. If you always support your partner traveling solo and encourage them, it should work. When your partner shares the passion and amazement of traveling as well, love can be one of the best things in the world. Where there is a will, there is a way.

That is why I am in only one relationship: with the world. With traveling. The feeling the airport gives me and an airplane lifting off the ground is the biggest form of love and joy I can feel. If you are in a relationship with a person, then love. Love as if it were to end tomorrow because frankly, it could. And if you are not, then book the ticket already. Travel, learn, love, enjoy, change. I am in a relationship with myself & the world. And I am looking forward to getting to know your whole beauty.


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