🇹🇳The Country of Tunisia II

For a general impression of the country of Tunisia, head to Part I! Read what to do there here! 🙂

When someone first hears of traveling to Tunisia, most look puzzled. An Arabic country, and what can you even do there – exept for riding camels? Oh believe me, a whole lot more. Tunisia has an endless variety of landscapes to cover, towns to discover and cultures to share. With the help of this blog you can find your perfect travel route throughout Tunisia:

Cap Serrat

When traveling to Tunisia, you probably expect the dessert everywhere. But the country in North Africa has a coastline of 1.148km and plenty of little places by the ocean to explore. Cap Serrat is one of them. It offers beautiful sandy beaches, the azure sea and even a pine forest with a river, which creates a wondeful atmosphere. You might feel like in South Africa with the mixture of the ocean and the verdancy.

Cap Serrat – a different side of Tunisia


The capital of Tunisia is? Congrats, Rijm Maatoug. Kidding, of course it is Tunis (ar.: تونس ) 🙂 The historical centre Médina is an UNESCO World Heritage Site – it features many markets, a large mosque as well as squares with histroical backgrounds. You will be able to spot French names all over town, such as the Ville Nouvelle (fr.: new town). There is a great range of culture to explore in the capital, which is also voted the city most worth living in North Africa. Furthermore, the Italian island of Sicily is easily reachable by ferry from Tunis.

Zitouna Mosque, Tunis (Source: Pinterest)


Sousse is a city located in the Gulf of Hammamet. It is a port city and quite popular among people who prefer a holiday by the beach. You can – as in every larger city in Tunisia – discover the old town or make your way to the port, where the touristic centre is for the most part. Yet, its Médina is even more worth a visit than those of smaller cities because it dates back to the 9th century and has a 2km long city wall. It is very beautiful to take the old town in from a little café on the rooftops of Sousse –  taking in the full beauty of a very special place from a small distance.


Visit the Holy city of Kairouan located 150km south of Tunis.It is an old city and, accordingt o ISlamic faith, one of the most prominent and holy cities as well. This is also an UNESCO World Heritag Site, which should by now not come as a surprise considering the variety of Tunisia. When traveling to Kairouan, you should definetly visit the ‘Mosque of Uqba’, which spans over an area of 9,000 m² and contains many different art exhibitions. Yet, you will not need mor ethan a day or two in Kairouan.


The second largest town in Tunisia is Sfax. Due to the fact that especially Sfax was strongly influenced by Romans, there are a few arcelogical sites to visit. Some very special things in Tunisia are the so-called ‘Souks’: these are the markets where you can buy typical Tunisian but also modern clothes, hunt for souvernirs etc. Have a tea in one of the local coffee houses of Sfax. And while strolling through the Médina and the city, you will not help but notice the stereotypical African feeling: warmth and ‘desert’. because from here on, the vegetation changes and the more south you go, the more into the land of deserts and camels you go.

View over Sfax (Source: hellotunisia.com)

Safe travels to a country in North Africa which will never fail to surprise you! 🙂

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