They Say I’m Running Away

Once, I heard some classmates gossiping and one said “Well, Jenny is only running away from her problems, she’s gone like every 2 months or so”. I came across a travel blog called “Mom Says I’m Running Away” the other day, and even family members told me to spend my summer holidays here to live life and not always run away.

These sentences keep me up at night. Somehow, traveling is always linked to ‘running away’ from specific things. Either your problems or the society standards or whatever comes to their mind. We who travel do not want to put down roots in one specific place, we are currently on the run. Run, run, run, always running away.

But on the other hand, they say everybody should travel. A widely spread opinion is that we should all experience traveling to a foreign country for a while. “Do that high school exchange year in the US!” “You did a gap year in Australia and New Zealand? Me too!” We should all once leave, but then come back.

Yes, learn and travel – but not for too long. Always come back to “normality”. Never run away.

And this question, if we are running away, has even gotten into the head of some travelers. I was on a blog a few days ago where a female solo traveler asked herself if she was running away because she does not stay in one place for long. In my eyes, this is the last thing we are doing – running away from problems and responsibilities. Because when you travel, problems start to occur. You have to face your responsibilities as well, maybe even more so, just in a slightly different way than before. Traveling creates problems, sometimes huge ones. But I’m sorry, the others could of course not really understand this. But hey, let them judge us.

If I may ask, with which right?? Why are we letting others judge us? Why are we letting others determine what we are thinking or doing? Nobody should ever get that far into your head and change your mindset. That is wrong. Nobody needs these kind of people in their life, this kind of toxin. Nobody should tell us ‘Hey, you’re running away’ when that is not even the case.

So, to answer this question for me:

Am I running away from responsibilities etc.?


Am I running away at all?


Are people, who keep presuming false things about you, making you “run away” or whatever you like to call it?


I am only escaping from this limited mindset of others. I am escaping from the venom people try to plant in my mind, I am preventing it from running through my veins.

I am not running away from life in any form, but towards life. Because through traveling, I am living life as much as I can, I am learning extremely much, I am educating myself, I am building my personality.

But go ahead. keep on gossiping, keep on saying that I am running away. But then do not stand there slack-jawed when you suddenly realize that I am gone, that I am running towards life and finally fully catching up to it.

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