🇨🇭The Country of Chocolate II

Find out about Switzerland in Part I and discover the country with this ideal post!


Zürich is a stunning city located at a lake as well as near the mountains. It is a very important city when it comes to economy and finances. It is also an artsy city where street exhibitions and museums are always somehow open and have an interesting content. While strolling through Zürich, you will find many unique and exclusive little spots where you can also meet a lot of young adults. Probably one of the most beautiful places in the city is when the old town opens up to the lake and you can sit there with a drink and enjoy the vibrant vibes.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It has a magnificent old town you will want to wander all day long, and explore all night long as well. You will discover cobblestone roads, ancient buildings and clocktowers as well as churches which will bring you closer to the Swiss country. Speaking of clocktowers, the “Zytglogge” (Swiss dialect for “time clock”) is a great picture spot.

The capital Bern (Source: schweizerdeutsch-lernen.ch)


Lausanne lays in the French-speaking part fo Switzerland and is a popular destination due to its location on Lake Geneva. The gothic cathedral in the “Cité” is considered one of the most beautiful gothic churches in Europe and offers a great starting point for visiting Lausanne. It is an architectural modern city – e.g. the “Aquatis Lausanne” or the “Rolex Learning Centre” – and offers a lot. The wonderful vineyards of Lavaux (20 min from Lausanne) are a UNESCO world-heritage site and create peaceful memories when walking through the vineyards to enjoy the taste of the domestic winegrower’s heritage.

Vineyards of Lavaux (Source: region-du-leman.ch)

“Bodensee”/ Lake Constance

The “Bodensee”, aka Lake Constance, is a huge lake which lays in the area of 3 countries: Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is a wonderful day trip and renting a paddle boat with a  friend is seriously the funniest thing you can do 🙂 Furthermore, day trips part from every larger city ( Romanshorn, CH – Lindau, GER- Bregenz, AUT) and tour the lake, which is a really nice way to watch the changing landscapes and cities of one country to another.

Zermatt – Matterhorn

In the Swiss canton of Zermatt lays the majestic and mysterious mountain Matterhorn. You should absolutely somehow see this mountain not only from the ground, but also feel its 4478m. It is possible to ski one of Europe’s best known mountains in winter, yet you will have to leave your car somewhere else as they are not allowed there. Buses and trains take you to the area. It is a once in a lifetime experience and will give you such magical and infinite feelings you will not be able to forget. Plus, you can actually say “I have already been to the real Matterhorn” when people show you pictures of the Disneyland imitation.

Matterhorn at sunset (Source: blick.ch)

Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps – or the Alps in general – let you calm down and touch base with yourself again. Leave all the daily stress, sorrow or worries, big decisions behind and enjoy the calmness of pure and untouched nature. One of the most famous places to visit is the “Jungfraujoch” – day tours from Luzern to Jungfraujoch depart regularly. It hosts Europe’s highest railway station at about 3.400 meters. From  a place called Lauterbrunnen leads a cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch. I hope you will get to see the breathtaking panorama the Swiss Als have to offer! 🙂


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