I Had A Dream The Other Day

I had a dream the other day. 

The golden morning sun fell on my tanned skin and I could hear the birds singing and declaring their love to each other. I stood up and went outside to buy myself breakfast in a café around the corner, hearing the street musician on the square playing his heartbeat song. The first people started coming out of their houses, ready to go running. 

I paid and continued strolling through the small alleys which led into the old town. The daily market was already set up and people were busy tasting the food. The foreign language sounded like a song, making the atmosphere only more beautiful. As I walked through the stands with a smile on my face, the flowers unfolded their scent.

My feet led me away from the market, towards a small hill. I climbed the stairs and a path filled with pink flowers, jasmine and lavender bushes opened up in front of me. The hanging leaves of the trees tickled my neck. The rays of sunlight shone through the treetops and made it seem like you could touch the sun. As I raised my hand, the pink flowers felt as soft as silk and lay lightweight on my fingertips. 

Wrapped by the dreamily beautiful atmosphere of a young summer morning, I reached the viewing platform I was headed to. I sat down and took a deep breath. Under me lay the endless blue ocean, gently kissing the bay which formed a city of pink and yellow and orange houses.

Far away, I heard engine noises and my head turned towards the sky. A plane was passing by, I could make out the silhouette. Its altitude kept sinking more and more as it was headed towards the airport. It flew across the bay, over the beach, over the heads of a thousand citizens who all have their own touching stories.

My gaze was now directed towards the beach. Before I realized it, my feet were already rushing down the stairs, making their way to the promenade. I walked down the last few steps seperating me and the ocean, ready to dive into it anytime. Ready to give myself over to an element.

I was longing for the feeling of cold salt water touching my feet, cooling my body and my mind as I go further into the ocean with every step. Until I let it take me in completely. My heart beat was synchronized with the rhythm of the waves. My body floated in the ocean, my mind was free, I was untroubled. The sun, now shining directly on my face, was tickling my eyelids.

And with this tickle, I woke up. I looked around and all I could see was infinity. A crystal clear, blue infinity. I sat up and brushed the little sand corns off my skin, realizing where I was.

I had not been dreaming of a beautiful city called Nice in France, but I had been remembering. I had fallen asleep on the beach, with the salty air finding its way into my lungs and my heart, and thinking about the day I had spent. So I gathered my things, stood up, and – with the greatest feeling of luck, peace and nothing but pure love for my home town – I continued walking the streets of Nice with sparkling eyes.

Home town love: Nice, France

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