What’s Stopping You?

Sometimes, we do not do things, even if we want to. Mostly, something is holding us back. ‘What is stopping you?’ – “A lot” will probably be your answer.

Money. Health. Time. Obligation. Job. Stress. Laziness. No support. No motivation. And the one answer everybody has in mind, but will never say aloud: Fear.

There are so many things in life which we yearn for, but do not carry out. So many things our heart desires, yet we do not fulfill them. So many chances right in front of us, not being taken.

The big trip around the globe, the time abroad, the spontaneous day-trip to a city, the boy in your school, dancing on the open street, even the most simple things such as wearing bright colours or a new hairstyle. These are all actions – just to have named a few – you preferably want to experience, and so you should.

Maybe somebody will not understand your decision. Maybe another will not approve of it. And maybe a third one will even try to discourage and stop you. But as long as that somebody is not you, why should you care? What is stopping you from living your dreams, living life on your own terms, being self-independent, taking action? What stands between you and where you want to be?

You want to reply ‘fear’ now. Yes, we are all somehow afraid. But the biggest fear is the one inside your head. It is only your attitude, your (negative) mindset, your excuse which is stopping you. And unless these remain, your life will not change and you might never be fulfilled and pursue your goals and dreams. You must turn the thinking into doing, the wish into a plan. Only then can you look back and be proud, be able to say that you do not regret not having taken the chance.

Because you know what else starts with “f”? Not only fear, but also fate. And freedom. Your fate and freedom are one step away from you. Only the fear, which is greater in your mind than it could ever be in reality, is keeping you from your dream, your destiny, your destination.

The energy you put into your dream is how you will feel, is how the outcome will be, is how the people will conceive you and respond to you. But it is not them who count, it is you. You do not have to reach success as in winning someone’s approval or recognition. Success is when you are happy with yourself. Success is when you are yourself.

In the end, what is more desirable? Freedom, being yourself, living life to its fullest? Or adapting to the monotonous and not worthwhile lifestyle? I would rather lash out and do something I love than live a life of which I am not proud and is boring. I would rather take the risk because you have some absolutely beautiful experiences (and people) along the way. People will more often tell you no more than yes – do not accept the no. Ever. Tell yourself yes.

So: ‘What is stopping you?’ – “Nothing.

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