The Sunshine

A woman in Marrakech, Morocco. 

A beautiful, genuine, friendly, kind, warm-hearted and magnificent woman. 

I first noticed you when I was standing on the rooftop-terrace overlooking Marrakech. You were chatting with your colleague and had a good laugh. As you had spotted me, you waved.

I sadly never got to catch your name. You did not speak much French, but knew enough words to warm anybody’s heart. After I spent some time in the sun and came down the stairs of the Riad, you pointed to my checks and said “ahhh, rouge!” “Oui, parce-qu’au soleil” “Ahh, magnifique!” (“Ah, red!” – “Yes, because of the sun” – “Ah, wonderful!”) And shaped your lips into a kissing-face because you thought I looked so cute. 

I later asked you if I may take a picture of you. You nodded and flattened your clothes, stood tall with everything you have: strength, bravery, charm, friendliness, a down-to-earth mindset.

You were a cleaning lady in the Moroccan Riad (=name of the local hotels). As a tip, you received Dirham. You got the amount you absolutely deserved. Your reaction was overwhelming: eyes sparkling, and a very tight hug. 

It was not the money which made you smile and filled you with joy, which you continuously showed every day. It was the fact that somebody worshipped you and your work, that somebody noticed you and talked with you, that somebody found joy in the conversations. 

I have encountered you and other women in Morocco as very eager, ambitioned and utterly kind and brave souls. My gut tells me that you are going to be able to change something in your homeland. I can feel the optimism towards change within the country. You are going to make it far. 

Until then, take care. I hope you never lose your charisma. 



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