What The Hell Was 2018?

I type “2018 was” in the Google search bar, and the first result I get is German, saying “2018 was zur Hölle war das” – translated, what the hell was 2018.

I do not want to speak negatively of this year but I also do not want to praise it either. I must admit, 2018 had plenty of ups and downs. A breakup, many plane tickets, lots of fights, the typical stressed-out finals, new friends, ramblings & poetry pieces, losses, but most meaningful: unique travels to foreign places.

An exchange in Brescia, Italy; an internship in Düsseldorf, Germany; a weekend trip to Barcelona, Spain; another trip home to Nice, France; six unforgettable weeks in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada; and last but not least, a travel to Marrakech, Morocco. I believe 2018 is the year I have gotten to discover most unknown places to me.

When I think back of this year, I cannot help but realise how fast is passed. The year has gone past in the blink of an eye, yet has taught me so much. Wandering through the city of Toronto has brought the magic of traveling back to me. It made me realise why I am hopping on planes, running this blog, collecting stamps and working my butt off in the first place. Because I adore it. It fulfils me and makes me smile up to my eyes, it brings a sense of belonging to me and broadens my horizon with every single step. It makes me lose sight of the unimportant things and focus on the essentials as well as it brings me closer to myself.

Look at the top imagine for a minute – it was taken in Nice. I used to play in that water fountain place for ages when I was small. Moving away has torn me away from my home as a child, traveling has not only brought me back to my former home, but also made me discover many new homes. And this is something I will forever be grateful for.

This year might not have been continuously good in terms of events, but nevertheless it happened. Not only I, but every single one of us rose and fell. And we can only learn from it and add it to our list of experiences and lessons. To our list of significant moments in life.

Therefore, I am thanking you 2018. For the good and bad times. For everything. Because frankly, what the hell were you? Except for thoughtful, teaching, loving, rich, turbulent, and overall memorable.

2019, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for me. ❤️

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