7 Reasons to Travel NOW

A sculpture in South Africa called “The Traveller”.

  1. You are not getting any younger.

I have just recently seen a video in which an elder man says: “I wish I had the time to do all the things I still want to do.” The perfect time to travel is NOW. Because, well let’s face it. You will never be as young as you are now. You are only getting older. This exact moment is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be. Life is full of unexpected events. Time is only running short. Go go GO.

2. You can challenge yourself.

You can. You must not. But you can. Of course you can book a 5* all inclusive resort vacation and not leave the room, but you can also set yourself out there in the world and ride motorcycles around Vietnam. You can keep you sunshades and your bathrobe on or tighten the straps of your backpack and hike the highest mountain of Costa Rica. You can live the challenges and overcome your fears and conquer the world. Challenge your courageous heart.

3. You will find yourself.

Notice how I am using “will” instead of “can”? Because finding yourself is not an option whilst traveling, it is a fact. Traveling shows you the purpose of life and what your soul and mind aches for. It shows you how you handle precarious situations and how you work in stressful and unknown moments. And in this process of losing yourself in total chaos, you will find yourself and know what you are missing/ what makes you whole. Since I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.

4. You can escape.

We need to travel. That’s the best way to escape the daily routine.

If you feel that staying at home for too long seems to limit or even restrict you, traveling is the cure. Maybe routine after a while or the same view kills your imagination . Anyhow, traveling regulates the urge to see something different as you will have everything but routine. The solution to escaping is just a drive to the airport/ train station away.

5. You will learn.

“Experience and travel – these are an education in themselves” is what a Greek poet once said. And since humans, especially Europeans, clench onto what the Greek philosophers have established and found out, I say we should also listen to this 2500 year old statement. You can learn and improve language skills, temporarily work in different locations and learn about the economy in a country, learn how the daily life of locals looks like by diving right into it,… You will educate yourself in so many different aspects such as interpersonal relations but also in the understanding of cultures.

6. You might meet the longest friends.

Personally, half of my friends are scattered across the globe. Obviously, you develop good friends through work, university etc. Yet when you travel, you share different kinds of moments. You share memories of when you two got lost in the middle of a forest, how you tried to sneak yourself into quarries after closing time or how you have underestimated the distance to a monument and ended up walking for nearly an hour. You share life moments which have snuck their way into your heart and are there to delight you whenever wanderlust overcomes you. Therefore the people you have met on the way become extremly important. The contact might not be as regularly as with others, but just as intense. Traveling might just bring you to the best kind of humans.

7. You will not look back in your life and wonder “what if…?”

This questions kills everyone. No matter if rich or poor, a non-pursued dream all always leave you wondering “what if?”. Unnecessary to say, we should not be having such toxic thoughts yet alone regret anything in our lives. Go out, just be bold, take the step and do everything you could someday regret not having done. ✈️

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