๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด The Country of Trolls I

What do trolls have to do with Norway? The Northern country stands for many things, such as tranquility, beauty and mythology! Trolls e.g. have a very important role to play since you will find little troll figures in every souvenir shop. Find out more about the mystical creatures here, I really enjoyed the blog: https://www.lifeinnorway.net/norwegian-trolls/

Norwegian trolls (Source: lifeinnorway.net)

Firstly, Scandinavia is expensive. Sure, there are always cheap alternatives in every country, yet these cheaper versions are also expensive compared to other countries in Europe. Be sure to bring a little pocket money with you before traveling to Norway. Many people skip the country and postpone it to when they can afford it – but life is short. Therefore try to work Norway into your traveling schedule.

Everybody has probably already heard of Norway. It is known to be magnifying, surrounded by untouched nature and expensive. All of this is true – nevertheless, I think that Norway is becoming more and more popular amongst travellers but also more inhabited.

Stunning Norway (Source: urlaubsguru.de)

Accommodation is quite expensive. Hostels start at around 200 NOK per night for a dorm room. A private double room in a hostel will cost you around 750 NOK. The more people in a room, the cheaper it gets for you. Hotels actually start at around 1000 NOK for a double room per night. AirBnB are always my go-to, you can find great places for as little as 500 NOK. Often times, there have better locations than major hotels and provide you with a more authentic experience. And since we are in Norway – which means we are surrounded by nature – a camping trip would definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can use most camping sites for free if you have a tent. If you wish to use many campgrounds, be sure to purchase the ‘Camping Key Europe card’ for 130 NOK which grants you access to over 250 camping sites.

Food will set you back quite a bit in Norway. Restaurants serve great dishes, yet you can also eat out at outdoor street vendors. For hotdogs, sandwiches etc. these are ideal because they start at about 50 NOK. You will probably have to pay around 290 NOK for a main dish at a decent restaurant. If you want to lower your costs when e.g. grocery shopping, exclude two of the most expensive meals in the northern country: fresh vegetables and chicken. And avoid ordering cocktails unless you are planning to spend an extra 130 NOK for these as well.

Tranquility in the great wide unknown – Henningsvรฆr, Norway (Source: instagram.com)

Transportation varies in its costs. In general, buses are the cheapest form of transportation. They will cost you around 300 – 650 NOK, but if you book them one or two months in advance, you can even find buses for as little as 100 NOK. Busses will also easily get you to Sweden, from where you can then go onto mainland Europe. Trains are more expensive. The 7 hour trip from Oslo to Bergen (where I have both been) costs 400 – 700 NOK. But be sure to book the train tickets at least two days in advance because they are very often already sold out and then you will not be able to travel as planned. NorwegianAir offers great flight deals to many European airports and also all the way to Iceland.

All in all, Norway is breathtaking. As someone once said “There is not a country is the world not worth seeing!”, so be sure that Norway is enchanting with many surprises hidden in narrow streets and in colourful timber houses. Off you go!


  • Restaurants: 5 %
  • Taxi: Round up
  • Guides/Staff: None (or at least not expected)


  • Be on time. Punctuality is highly valued in all of Scandinavia.
  • Proper table manners are expected.
  • Smile and start interacting. The Norwegian people are the last to frown at you or even ignore your attempts to establishing contact. They are just a little bit more timid and shy, so make the first move. 


  • Do not unnecessarily hit the bars. Alcohol is as already mentioned often very expensive in Norway.
  • Do not expect to be able to go (grocery) shopping on Sundays. As in Germany, Austria etc., shops are closed on the last day of the week.
  • As in all the countries in Northern Europe, you should behave properly. Do not keep your hands in your pockets when talking to someone.

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