🇳🇴 The Country of Trolls II

Find out what makes Norway so extraordinary and how much money you should plan for the country in Part I!


Norway’s capital has a mystical vibe to me. My memories are coined by the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is – as the name already suggests – a large park with over 200 sculptures. In summer, it is a very decent place to spend the afternoon and in fall during the more rainy days. What is so charming about Oslo is that despite it being the capital with 1.7 million inhabitants, it has an authentic “small town” vibe and is anything but hectic and loud. Visit the local café ‘Tim Wendelboe’ or ‘Angst Bar’ for a great night out! As it is surrounded by many green hills and mountains, getting away from everuhings is just a matter of a few minutes. Oslo is a magnificent place in Norway to be in a city but close enough to nature.

Vigeland Sculpture Park (Source: pinterest.com)

National Parks

For the nature lovers amongst you (thank you for being here, it means incredibly much to me!), Norway is probably your heart and soul. Similarly to Sweden, you can stay at many campsites and spend the night under the (cold) starry sky. The country is host to probably some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the world. If you want to literally dive right into it, you can go canoeing or rafting or even caving in Norway. Also, Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to continental Europe’s largest glacier.


Bergen, a popular university town, was the first place where I set foot on Norwegian ground. I found it stunning. The small alleys, the smell of delicious seafood, the colourful houses, everything was somewhat bright in Bergen. It may be the city where it rains most days of the year in Norway, but it still is wonderful. To see the second largest city from above, travel up Floyen mountain. I am head over heels for Bergen, even more so when I visited the Gallery Nygaten 7 – it is said to be the most exquisit of Norway. Another perk: Bergen is said to have the cheapest food in the country. Cheers to that!

Strolling around in Bergen (Source: pinterest.com)


The Lofoten islands are in the far north of ‘The Country of Trolls’ and are admittedly a popular destination for many tourists. But as a traveler, you will still be able to spot magical places with “off the beaten track” vibes, which will get you daydreaming. The views and memories are well worth the long travel and high costs. If you are there at the right time of the time, September – March show the highest activity of the Aurora Borealis, you can even experience the spectacular northern lights! Henningsvær is a traditional fishing village with only 500 residents. Next to the narrow streets, inhabitants park their fisher boats and the picturesque town offers a few shops, restaurants and many dried fish. Oh, and the probably most unique soccer field worldwide:

Soccer field in Henningsvær (Source: locationscout.net)

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