A 2019 Full of … Risks

This year has come to an end, once again. 365 days filled with all kind of memories. And each year, December, especially December 31st comes as a surprise to each and every one. It has passed a little too quick, as 2018 already did.

What has this year been to you? In retrospect, has 2019 been an overall positive year? Or a rather ‘lowkey’ one? Has it been full of surprises, with pleasurable events, with risks, with adventures, with changes?

Whatever it may be, I am sure 2019 is running in film in your head and that you have your own associations with it. And I sincerely hope that there is a little grin on your face, that your eyes sparkle a little and that you are loved.

2019 was a year for me which involved graduating high school, traveling around Spain and Portugal in the most chaotic way possible, being back home in Nice as well, getting a summer job in Paris, moving cities and starting university, turning a long relationship into a long-distance one and being at the airport every month, a quick getaway to London. Losing friends and making new ones, lots and lots of laughs and new memories, nights out and meaningful conversations. I would dare to count this year as my most risky, exciting and wonderful one yet.

And with this year coming to an end, about to start a new one, I am realizing one thing: You do not need to set any resolutions or goals (except for happiness) in order to have a better year or even change your life. As Raymond Chandler once said:

There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.”

So postpone setting yourself stricter rules for the new year and thereby setting yourself a trap. Because if you keep an open mind and act on your feelings in the present, the past and the future become irrelevant since you are both eliminating and creating it, just as you should be. And at the end of 2020, you will not even remember any resolutions you had in mind 365 days ago, because everything will have worked out just perfectly.

Tif you take the risk of loosening the rules for yourself, then this coming decade will start risky and joyful – both at the same time -, with a perfect ending, just in accordance with your life. And you will read the 2020 recap on this blog, surely with a full heart.

Have a great start into the new year. xx

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