Who am I?

Bonjour! And welcome to my travel blog!

This is me.

If you are an adventurous, dynamic and passionate traveler, no matter if beginner or expert to traveling – always on the search for the next go-to – you have found yourself a perfect blog! I’m happy you landed on my website 🙂


Let me introduce myself first, though. My name is Jennifer-Lee Schmaus. Born in Nice, France and raised French and Austrian, I have lived in quite some places already. Currently still being in school I travel as often, as long and as far as I can during my holidays. No country is too far for me! Even though I am still a teenager, I have hugely developed myself during these travels. I mostly travel solo. I wander this beautiful planet I like to call home since the age of 8. Self-confidence, courage, independence and global thinking. These are few of many aspects I have experienced and learned. They now form a major part of my personality. Furthermore, I speak 4 languages: I’m fluent English, French, German and currently learning Italian. I hope there are more to add to the list! 😉

“If I had waited for someone to come with me, I would never have went.” – Once read, always in the back of my mind. Don’t miss out on this world!

Yet, what exactly will you be able to find on my blog? – A lot. You will find posts about my journeys, Do’s and Don’ts as well as travel maps – for example a route I recommend or great recommendations around one specific place. Of course, I will also share memories, funny experiences etc.

I do not only want to see the world, I want to educate myself through it as well. And because this point is so extremely important to me I will not sugarcoat anything. Fair warning, my blog will be honest. Traveling is an absolutely amazing experience, it fills gaps you never knew were there yet needed to be filled. And this can only happen when you set off and leave your comfort zone, see the world – later with different eyes. So I will tell you the truth about traveling and all countries in this blog. The real and serious sides of a country as well, because as we know, all that glitters is not gold.

Enough of this – just click on the Menu bar and have fun exploring! Hopefully even literally. Let my blog spark a mind and be open for a new country – I’ve got plenty to choose from!